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​Driver Dilemma: Train for the Long Haul
​May 2015 Feature at
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​Medical Examiner Registry Rule
​Requires that your medical examination be completed by an examiner on the National Registry as established by federal law in 2012.  To see if your medical provider has been certified, or for more information visit:

You can also click here for a current listing of Alaska medical providers sent to us by FMCSA.
​Obstructive Sleep Apnea
FMCSA Bulletin to Medical Examiners and Training Organizations Regarding Obstructive Sleep Apnea
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Industry News
New CDL Permit Regulation effective October 10, 2014
In order to test for a commercial driver license, an individual must obtain a CDL permit.
CDL Permits must be held for 14 days (not counting the date of issue) prior to being eligible for CDL testing (testing will be the 15th day after issue)
All permits will now reflect all endorsements and all restrictions.
Permit must have all endorsements and/or restrictions for the class of CMV to be trained/tested for.
Any existing CDL holder that is upgrading class of CMV or adding an endorsement requiring a road test must obtain an appropriate CDL permit and hold for 14 days prior to testing. Example: Class A CDL holder wanting to add a passenger endorsement must get an IB Permit with P endorsement and P restriction.
No longer is a placarded vehicle allowed to be used for commercial vehicle training or testing with a CDL permit holder.
CDL permits are issued for 180 days, upon expiration can be renewed once for an additional 180 days.

​Bill Could Be First Step to Younger Truck Drivers
​A Senate bill would instruct the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to conduct a pilot study of lowering the age at which Class A CDL holders can drive trucks across state lines (interstate).   ​
New CDL Eligibility Requirement - Age
State of Alaska has adopted the Federal Regulation regarding commercial driver licensing age requirements effective 11/26/2015. 

An individual must now be a minimum age 21 years to have a Hazardous Materials and/or Passenger Endorsement on their commercial driver license (CDL).

An individual may still be 19 years of age for Intrastate driving without those endorsements.

An individual must be 21 years of age for Interstate driving with or without those endorsements.

CDL Regulation Change - Real ID Act

Effective October 2016- Alaska is actively complying with Federal Law that requires commercial drivers to prove they are a lawful Permanent Resident or U.S. Citizen.
You must have one of the required legal documents (ie: Birth Certificate or Passport) with you when making any transactions at DMV that requires a change to your record (ie: first time license, renewal, reissue, endorsement changes, name, address, etc.). This only effects your Commercial Driver License or Permit.

For Full details go to Alaska DMV or their web link.