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Long Commercial Vehicle (LCV)
Graduate training for the professional driver.
This 40-hour course (5 days) provides an experienced CDL A driver the opportunity to obtain additional skills necessary to pull more than one trailer.

Prerequisites 6 months immediately preceding application: Valid Class A CDL with Doubles/Triples endorsement, driving experience in Group A vehicle as described in 383.91 subpart F, and current DOT physical.
Complete eligibility is per FMCSR Part 380.
See Part 380.17 - General Requirements
See Part 380.203 - LCV Doubles
A check-ride is required of all applicants.
Alaska Teamster Employer Service Training Trust
These courses are for current experienced professional drivers and may require verification of previous experience or other prerequisites.
They are typically scheduled in Spring and Fall, between busy work seasons.  Be sure to register ahead for these courses by bringing your work history from dispatch to the Training Trust.
Qualified Rigger/Signalperson
A 2-day course that provides a 5-year certification. Includes pre-use inspection of wire rope, slings and rigging hardware, safe rigging practices and procedures, determining load weight and more.
Boom Truck
A 2-day course that provides a 3-year certification as required by OSHA 1910.180, 1926.1400 & the ASME Standard B30.5-2007.
This course is designed to provide the regulatory information and hands-on knowledge to safely operate a boom truck.
Prerequisite: CDL A or B and Rigger/Signalperson
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Other specialty training may be available as required by employer needs.
Articulated End-Dump
A course designed to familiarize the driver with the controls and operation that allows you to gain proficiency and safe operation.
Side Dump Trailer
This course prepares a current experienced CDL A driver on the safe practices, operation, and controls of the side dump trailer.
Prerequisite: CDL A and a check-ride is necessary for applicants.
Mixer Truck
This 2-day course prepares a current experienced CDL A or B driver on the safe practices, operation, and controls of the mixer truck.
Additional time may be required at instructor's discretion.
Prerequisite: CDL A or B